Airline Launches a Toy Story Themed Flight

It took a while, but I feel like Toy Story is FINALLY getting the recognition it deserves for being the GREATEST DISNEY MOVIE OF ALL TIME! First, we got a sneak peak of the the new Toy Story Land. And then we found out that there was going to be a real-life Pizza Planet

AND NOW...The world's first Toy Story themed plane!!!

As of now, the flights only go between Beijing and Shanghai, but let's just keep our fingers crossed that some day it will make its way to America! 

The plane has character-themed seat covers, a giant Buzz Lightyear painted on the side, and even Toy Story themed check-in machines! This is the third in a line of Disney-themed planes from China Eastern Airlines! The first two feature Mickey and Minnie Mouse! 

But gets better! They even have a Toy Story Land RESORT! So basically, I need to go to Shanghai for my Toy Story fix!

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