AMC Theaters Launches $5 Ticket Tuesdays

What started out as just a limited-time promotion has turned into a PERMANENT thing at all AMC theaters! On Tuesday, AMC announced that their "$5 Ticket Tuesdays" are here to stay! 

Now, there's one little catch - you have to sign up for their AMC Stubs Loyalty Club, BUT its free so there's no excuse.


Going to see a movie on a Tuesday isn't always easy with "work" and all, but I think its worth it for a $5 ticket! Before we know it, tickets are gonna start costing $30 each!


But the deal gets even better! They're also offering a small popcorn/small drink combo for only $5 more! So for 10 bucks you can see a movie AND stuff your face with popcorn. You really cant go wrong with this....


If you're ready to sign up for AMC Stubs, just click here



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