Bounce House Weddings are the Next Big Thing!

I'm not a big fan of weddings. Honestly, I hate them. You have to dress up and be all fancy and "proper" just to go mingle with a bunch of people you barely know and have meaningless small talk. They're just miserable for me.

Plus, they're just the same thing EVERY time. How many centerpieces and buffets am I gonna have to see? I just want an open bar and fun. 

But luckily, someone out there had the greatest idea EVER and started making bouncey house castles for weddings!!!

So now instead of trying awkwardly get out of a conversation by faking a phone call, I can just be like 'OOPS OMG I BOUNCED AWAY. MY BAD'

Not to mention this is just everyone's dream!! If I ever get engaged and the guy tells me I can't have a bounce house at my wedding, you better believe I'm calling that wedding off!

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