Someone Is Missing From Drake's Degrassi Reunion Video

When Drake dropped his new video for "I'm Upset", everyone lost their minds over the Degrassi reunion that took place. And rightfully so...Drake didn't have to go and do all that...BUT. HE. DID.

Now, I'll be honest, I've never seen a single episode of Degrassi BUT I can appreciate a good reunion from a classic TV show!

And people were LOVING IT.

But then fans of the show started pointing out that J.T. and Sean were missing from the reunion 😱😱 So I'm thinking "OMG THERE'S GONNA BE SOME DRAMA"

But it turns out that Ryan Cooley, who played J.T., thought the whole thing was a scam and that's why he wasn't in the video!

But Sean on the other hand....there's seems to be some kind of drama there! According to Danny Clark's Instagram (he played Sean for all you that don't know), he had no idea that the video was even happening!

So uhhh...what's the truth?! Is there drama? Or did someone legit just forget to invite him!?

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