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Leave Pete Davidson Alone

Rumors have been spreading for the last few weeks that Ariana Grande and SNL's Pete Davidson had become an item after they each broke up with their significant other's seemingly out of nowhere. And now, according to a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon, it appears that Pete has confirmed the couple's engagement.

And yeah, I'll give it to you - its a little weird how quickly BOTH OF THEM moved on from their exes and got together. Keyword being BOTH.

BOTH of them were in committed relationships prior to getting together, yet I've only heard the negative comments about moving on too quickly directed toward Pete. How come he's the only one getting negative attention for that?

Its not like Pete is forcing her into this relationship...they both CHOSE to move quickly.

You don't know the story of either one of their relationships and their relationships have ZERO effect on you, so why do you even care? Let them live! They're cute AF and they both seem to be VERY happy!

Now onto my next complaint....

Why is everyone bashing Pete saying that he's just using her? And attacking him for his mental illnesses? And saying that he couldn't afford to buy the new apartment that they just moved into? 

Need I remind you that Pete is a SUCCESSFUL comedian on a show that's been around forever? He's doing just fine for himself.

And yeah, he has some mental health issues, but so do A LOT of other people in the world...that doesn't mean they can't have successful relationships!

All I'm saying here is that people need to calm the F down about their new relationship. Let them do whatever the H-E-double-hockey-sticks they want and....

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