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Selena Gomez Stars in CREEPY AF New Project

Selena Gomez has been breaking back into the film and TV world lately, starting with producing the popular series, 13 Reasons Why, on Netflix. 

Well, now she's been working with a director by the name of Petra Collins for a visual media project and honestly, its kinda TERRIFYING!!

I'm all for creepy, scary things but this is just a big fat NOPE for me.

Petra Collins recently shared a behind-the-scenes look at the project on her instagram and this sh** is gonna give me serious nightmares.

First off, the water is super come on Selena, why are you bathing in that? 


But things just keep on getting creepier! Petra also shared some shots in her insta story that are sure to make you cringe! You can check out those shots here.

I love you Selena, but why you gotta be so creepy?!!?

And also...WTF is this even for? Is this gonna be another creepy music video like Fetish?! I mean, that'd make sense considering Petra Collins is the same person that directed that video!

Don't remember how disturbing that one was? Watch it below:

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