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Ariana Grande + Pete Davidson Cuteness Roundup

If you would have asked me 3 months ago if I was an Ariana Grande stan, I would've looked at you like you were crazy but its official. I'm obsessed. But not just with Ariana. I'm OBSESSED with her relationship with Pete Davidson!! They're cute AF! 

Their constant lovey-dovey-ness all over social media is SO CUTE! So much so that it kinda makes me sick, but ya know what, I'll let it slide.

And the cuteness seems to be at an all time high this week! 

I mean, come on...Pete sharing this video of Ariana dancing?! PRECIOUS!

And then they practiced a dance routine together and I cried tears of happiness...

Hint: watch the full video cause the first guy is clearly a better dancer than Pete!

And they sang karaoke together?!

A couple that sings Evanescence together stays together, right?

And the cutest thing ever? Ariana giving us a taste of her new music while wearing Pete's face on her sweatshirt!!

If you're wondering, that's the moment I died.

You guys...I just can't take it. All this cuteness in one damn week.

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