Halsey Got a Face Tattoo and its Actually Really Cute

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Let's just start by admiring the godliness that is Halsey. I mean come on, she's flawless!


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So when someone told me she got a face tattoo, I was a little concerned. 

Usually when I hear the words "face tattoo", my first thought is "omg why?" and I imagine some kind of stupid, misspelled word written across someone's forehead. 

BUT...it turns out its actually REALLY cute and not at all what I had expected! The Queen of Diamonds themed tattoo is so small that I probably never would have noticed it, but I'm obsessed!

Headed straight for the castle. @nal.tattoo 💉💉 thanks for my first (and only hopefully lol) face tattoo ♦️♦️♦️♦️

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I'm just really glad she didn't go for the Post Malone look....

"Always Tired" new POST MALONE tattoos done by @chadrowetattoos photo by Adam DeGross . . . #PostMalone #stoney #fashion #fashionable #beerbongsandbentleys #drelondonent

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