All the Places to Get FREE Ice Cream Tomorrow

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It seems like there's a "National Ice Cream Day" every 3 months, but ya know what, I'm not complaining! And it turns out that tomorrow, June 15th is ice cream day, which means....FREE ICE CREAM!

So if you're wondering where to go to get your hands on some free ice cream, I got you!


Just download the free McDonald's app for a FREE soft serve vanilla cone!

You'll never guess what dessert we'll be giving away for FREE on July 16. Actually, there's a chance you probably will.

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Baskin' Robbins

When you download the Baskin-Robbins app, you'll unlock a BOGO ice cream cone deal! Plus, BOGO 99 cent sundaes and $2 off a milkshake! Not quite free, but I'll take it!

When the ice cream is that good.

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Dairy Queen

Yep...even the greatest ice cream place EVER is taking part in the deal - download the DQ app and you'll get a free small blizzard!

I am the Summer BLIZZARD Menu. Forget the Big Dipper. It’s all about the big red spoon dipping into flavors like new TWIX and Cotton Candy.

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Whole Foods Market

Looks like all Whole Foods Markets are offering two-for-$6 sales no Talenti and Ben & Jerry's pints! They may not be an ice cream shop, but they're still hooking us up with the deals!

Triple or nothing

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