Clumsy Koala is Saved by Volunteers for the THIRD Time

An adorable koala in South Australia had to be saved by volunteers after he got his head stuck in a fence at the Happy Valley substation! It appears that the little guy crawled under the fence, but he sat up, he was stuck under the fence, with his head caught between two poles. 

Luckily, three volunteers came to the rescue and saved him!

But it turns out this wasn't the first time he's had to be rescued! Back in January of 2016, rescuers found him "not very responsive" at the bottom of a tree. Almost a year later, the same koala was hit by a car! He was nursed back to health and later released, but wound up needing to be rescued again when he got his head stuck in the fence! Since the incident, he's been relocated to a safer area.

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