Demi's Longtime Guitarist Bashes Her Friends on Instagram

Demi's longtime friend and guitarist, Mike Manning, took to Instagram this week to seemingly blame Lovato's friends for allowing her overdose to happen.

A fan took screenshots of his Instastory before they disappeared where he says:

"Anybody who was with Demi last night and actually calls themselves a friend should be incredibly disgusted with themselves. SICK!!!"

Its understandable that Mike would be so upset as we've since learned the severity of Demi's overdose and the two have been close for so long. He even considers her to be a "sister".

While we completely understand him being upset at the situation, its important to remember that her friends, whether good or not, are people too. 

The overdose appears to have happened after an all night party for Demi's backup dancer, Dani Vitale. Dani has received a TON of hate online with some people leaving comments on her Instagram to "kill yourself", which is NEVER acceptable to say. 

We continue to wish Demi and everyone involved in the situation the best. Love you Demi! 

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