Pizza Company Adds Tiny Chairs to Their Boxes

Ya know those little "tables" that come in your pizza boxes? When I was a kid, I used those as tables in my knock-off dollhouses. I thought I was SOOO creative for doing that, but apparently everyone did that as a kid, so I'm way less cool than I thought.

Turns out I'm dumber than I thought too. Apparently those little "tables" are to keep the box from caving in and destroying your pizza!!

While you're still in shock from learning that, let me hit you with something even more exciting. 

Boston Pizza (which is apparently in Canada...) has started adding tiny little chairs to their boxes to complete the patio set!

As of now, they are only being places in select boxes, but who knows, they could extend it and start putting them in every box, which would be a childhood dream come true.

This isn't the first time the Canadian company pulled off a viral campaign. Back in June, they released a new box that doubled as a serving tray so you could eat your pizza in bed!

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