Weatherman Quotes Cardi During Live Newscast

Can anyone explain to me why newscasters insist on being the most embarrassing people on Earth? I swear, they're even more embarrassing than dads...and that's saying a LOT!

On Thursday night, Nick Kosir, a Meteorologist for FOX 46 in Charlotte quoted Cardi B's "Drip" while reporting on the weather and I just...

Why you gotta be so awkward!?  

And of course, he posted it on Twitter tagging Cardi. AND SHE NOTICED! She called him out saying "North Carolina always been lit"

This isn't the first time Nick has done something cringe-worthy. Last month he did Drake's In My Feelings Challenge....and he "twerked". 

If you want to submit yourself to a new level of secondhand embarrassment, you can watch the video below.

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