Sassy Parrot Swears at Firefighter Trying to Rescue Her

Jessie is a multilingual Macaw parrot from Edmonton, London. Now this parrot is clearly living a better life than me, a human. He's MULTI-lingual and lives in London!? Not just bilingual...MULTI! I can barely speak English and a freakin' bird can speak multiple languages? I'm just really blown away by this. But that's not what's important here.

What's important is that Jessie's owner had to call for help after he spent THREE days on the roof of it's neighbors house! Considering the bird was up there for three whole days, the owner was worried that he might be injured. 

When the London Fire Brigade showed up to rescue the bird, the crew manager, Atinc Horoz, climed up a latter to reach Jessie. 

Her owner told Horoz that the only way to bond with the bird and gain her trust was to say "I love you". Jessie replied with "I love you"...and a whole lot more! The bird just started swearing at the man!!

Horoz learned that Jessie spoke Turkish and Greek, so he tried telling Jessie to "come" in both languages, but she wasn't having that either...and the swearing continued. Eventually it became clear that Jessie was totally find cause she flew away! 

Jessie has since returned home and even issued an apology to the fire brigade!

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