Adoption Fees Waived in Nashville This Weekend

Lately, my favorite thing to do on the weekends is visit the Nashville Humane Association to play with the puppies and help get them adjusted to being around different types of people. But this weekend, I'm taking a break from my doggo visits.

Yeah, you heard me! I'm gonna let everyone else have some time with the pups cause its the 10th Anniversary Adoption Weekend...and unfortunately I can't take any of them home with me :(

So what's the 10th Anniversary Adoption Weekend? For two days only, August 25 & 26, Nashvillians can visit Nashville Humane, Nashville Animal Care, or Williamson County Animal Center and have their adoption fees covered by Mars Petcare! PLUS they'll give you free treats to take home for your new puppy or kitten! 

It is taking EVERYTHING in me not to visit the shelter this weekend, but I wanna make sure these puppies and kitties get to visit with people that can actually give them forever homes! Unfortunately, I'm stuck with my roommate's two cats sooooo no dogs for me :(

For more information on the adoption event, visit our friends at 

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