High School Student Comes Out to Classmates at Graduation

Shankar Lal, 18, recently graduated from Hillcrest High School in New York. When it came time to walk across the stage, he made sure he used the time to make a statement.

Instead of just walking across the stage quietly like everyone else, he chose to hide a pride flag under his robe and reveal it after receiving his diploma! He draped the flag over his shoulders as his way of "coming out" to his classmates, and OMG SO CUTE!

According to his statement to Buzzfeed, Lal said, 

"There was so much love in that room. It was amazing. Even on social media, I had so much love and support. Coming out on graduation was definitely one of the proudest moments in my life."

As soon as he draped the flag over his shoulders, the crowd immediately started cheering for him, which had me on the verge of tears! I just love how supportive all of his classmates were for him! Even his principal and teachers told him how proud they were!

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