Casting Has Begun For A High School Musical Series

It's hard to believe that its been over 12 years since the first High School Musical movie was released! The pandemonium around that movie was absolutely insane and I highly doubt it could ever be recreated, BUT Disney's gonna try!

It was recently announced that Disney has started searching for their cast for an upcoming series called High School Musical: The Musical.

The new 10-episode series will be filmed documentary-style as we follow the lives of a whole new group of East High students as they put on their own production of High School Musical.

The best part? Each episode will feature a new rendition of a song from the original High School Musical movies! Personally, I'm most excited about "Get'cha Head in the Game" because HELLO that was the best song of them all! And of course, we'll get to hear some brand new songs as well!

The series, which features an entirely new cast, will premiere on Disney's new streaming service. No word yet on when it will premiere, but I'm hoping for a few cameos from the original cast! 

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