First Pictures of Life-Size 2 Released

Let's take a moment to wander down memory lane and reflect on our favorite movies from our childhood.

One of my all time favorite movies as a kid was Life-Size starring Tyra Banks and Lindsay Lohan. Need a refresher? Basically, Lindsay Lohan's character has an "Eve Doll", which might as well just be a Barbie, and it COMES TO LIFE!

Its been 18 years since the first movie premiered on ABC and I've been waiting for a sequal ever since. Well, it was recently announced that Freeform would release a sequal to the classic and we got our first sneak peek this week!

In the new movie, which premieres on Freeform during 25 Days of Christmas, Eve somehow manages to make her way back to the real world. Similarly to the first movie, Eve becomes a sort of "mentor" to Grace, played by Francia Raisa.

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