Fans Think They've Found Ariana's Unreleased Album

Recently, Ariana has teased that she's already recorded her next album and that's gotten fans REALLY excited! And with the release of her surprise new single, Thank U, Next, fans are digging to find unreleased tracks.

Fans have started digging and some THINK they may have found the album! Twitter user, Sachin, tweeted screenshots of an album titled "Nobody Does It Better" that they think might be Ariana's new album! The album is listed as being by an artist named Zandhr.

The songs do seem to sound a lot like Ariana and some were even leaked previoiusly. However, some of the songs don't sound exactly like Ariana, so fans are suspecting that these were the originally recorded demos.

Need further proof? The only playlist under the artist "Zandhr" is a "Best of Ariana Grande" playlist with over 160k followers! AAAAANNNDDD the playlist uses Ari's signature upside down text.

Its possible that this could be fake but I'm convinced!

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