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Does "Rainbow Hair" Make Women Less Attractive to Men?

Last night I was scrolling through Twitter and came across a picture of GORGEOUS rainbow hair. I immediately saved the picture as inspiration for my next hair appointment. But then I read the tweets that went along with it. 

It all started with a tweet claiming that "unnatural hair colors in woman are a warning signal to stay away". (Its taking everything in me to ignore that grammar mistake, btw)

He then continues by saying "when you see a woman with red blue green purple rainbow hair, its a sign of mental illness and derangement".

Well, sir, as someone that has had every single one of those hair colors, I'll be honest. Yes, I do have a mental disorder but sweetie, that has nothing to do with my hair color. And is there really any shame in having a mental disorder? Its not like I chose to have one...but this is a whole separate argument about ending the stigma around mental health disorders. So back to the argument that its a sign of mental illness.  

Yes, some women (and men), do tend to make drastic changes to their hair during times of crisis. Other people shop. Others drink. Others eat. Others watch a movie. Do any of those mean you have a mental disorder? No. They're all coping mechanisms and there's nothing unhealthy about them (unless the eating or drinking is to an excessive level, of course).

So yeah, needless to say I was offended by the original user's comments, but this wasn't the first tweet that I saw. The first one I saw was stating that he has "no idea how a woman thinks a rainbow hair color is attractive to men".

Let me just start by saying this...who said we thought it made us more attractive to men?

I mean, yeah, I guess there's some women out there that have dyed their hair in hopes of making themselves more attractive to men. But here's a crazy thought...have you ever stopped to think that the "rainbow hair" wasn't for anyone other than the person who's head its on?

As someone who's had unnaturally colored hair for the last 11 years, I can say that my hair color changes have never been in hopes of making myself more attractive to men, or anyone for that matter. Its for me. Its an expression of my personality and a way of showing creativity and things I love. In the same way that some people, myself included, get tattoos, dying your hair is an expression of yourself. At the end of the day, its for you and only you.

So ladies, and men, DYE YOUR HAIR. Have fun, express yourself, and do it for YOU...not for anyone else.

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