Lost Walt Disney Cartoon from the 1920s Found

Guys...this is HUGE for Disney fans! And basically the world in general. A short film created by Walt Disney was just found in the possession of an 84-year-old man in Japan! He had bought the film, titled Neck 'n' Neck, as a teen and from what I can tell, no one has seen it til now!

The best part is that the film features Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Not sure who that is? Well, he's thought to be the predecessor to the one and only Mickey Mouse! 

There were only 26 Oswald the Lucky Rabbit shorts ever created. Some have been found over the years, but its believed that 7 of them are still "lost".

The newly found copy is currently being held at the Kobe Planet Film Archive in Japan. There's no word yet on when the film will be released to the public as I'm sure Disney will need to do some restoration on it.

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