New Adventure Park Coming to Nashville

I don't have to tell you that Nashville is growing like crazy - you already know that! But what you might not know is that Nashville is about to be home to an amazing new jump park! 

Urban Air Adventure Park already exists in most major cities, but this will be the first for Nashville!

Urban Air Adventure Park, which will be located off of Old Hickory Blvd., is a year-round indoor amusement park. 

It features pretty much everything you could ever dream of including ropes courses, tubes, Sky Rider indoor coaster, virtual reality, climbing walls, bumper cars, trampolines, and my personal favorite, the battle beam! And that's only HALF of what they have to offer!

So basically what I'm saying is that this is like Chuck E. Cheese for the modern age! Best part? You can host your birthday parties there too! Do you think they'll let someone have their 28th party there?

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