Sour Patch Kids Cereal To Be Released in Stores

Unfortunately there are people in this world that just like to ruin good things. The latest in a string of things getting flat out ruined is cereal - the one thing I thought was safe in the world.

According to Cerealously, a Twitter account I had no idea existed but will definitely be following, POST will be releasing a Sour Patch Kids cereal on December 26th to all Walmart stores. And since they seem to be so convinced that people are going to love it, they'll be releasing it everywhere in summer 2019. 

I just have so many problems with this. Like why would you take a perfectly good candy and add milk to it? Just WHY?

It's not just me that's upset about this. Twitter is riled up. Some are just flat out disgusted.

Others are confused.

And some, like me, are left in disbelief.

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