Steve Carell Teases "The Office" Reunion on Saturday Night Live

Tonight's episode of Saturday Nigh Live was destined to be a success with Steve Carell as the host. We're only 10 minutes in and its already my favorite episode of the year. The opening monologue began with Carell asking for questions from the audience. 

Of course, the first question from the audience is "will you do an Office reboot"...and then they hit us RIGHT IN THE FEELS when Ellie Kemper (aka Erin) was the next "audience" member to ask a question. And then Ed Helms (Andy). And finally...Jenna FREAKIN Fischer - the one and only PAM!

Each actor begged Carell to launch an Office reboot because they "need the money" and Twitter was all about it!

But then things took a turn. Carell invited Pam, Andy, and Erin up on stage and was about to announce what we all thought would be a reboot of the show, but instead he just announced it would be a great show. I had so much hope and it just ripped it apart 😫😫

Check out the full video below.

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