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Meghan Markle Has to Follow Some Pretty Crazy Royal Pregnancy Rules

We all know that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expecting their first child together, but what you might not know is that she has to follow some pretty crazy "pregnancy rules" set by the Royal Family.

I knew the Royal Family was strict, but daaangg I didn't know they were THIS strict. 

She can't wear any form fitting clothing or show any cleavage

Honestly, this one didn't really shock me. The Royal Family seems to be pretty modest, so this one didn't seem to crazy. 

She can't have a baby shower!

Considering how freakin' rich the royals are, it would be considered inappropriate for them to accept baby shower gifts. I guess that makes sense?

Traveling is off limits

While most pregnant women are told not to travel during their last trimester, Royals have a different rule. They're not supposed to travel AT ALL during their pregnancy.

No gender reveal party

Not only can they not have a gender reveal party, but they're not allowed to tell ANYONE the sex of their baby. Typically they don't even get to know either! Princess Diana was one of the only royals to ever know the sex during their pregnancy.

She'll have a TEAM of midwives

Yeah...a TEAM! According to some sources, Princess Kat had a team of midwives on call during her last trimester and they weren't allowed to drink ANY alcohol during the three months.

She can't show her feet

I don't get this one....Don't women's feet swell up during pregnancy?? Asking them not to go shoe-less or wear flip flops just seems kinda crazy to me.

The Queen MUST be the first to know when the baby is born

They aren't even allowed to tell their own parents before telling Queen Elizabeth II!

A 62-gun salute will celebrate the baby's arrival

Literally what? They gunfire from the Tower of London will last a whole TEN minutes!

There has to be an official birth announcement placed on an easel outside of Buckingham Palace

This kinda seems like a waste, but okay. Can't they just post it on Instagram like everyone else?

The Royal Baby will wear the same christening gown as past Royal Babies

In 2004, the original gown was retired after having been worn by SIXTY-TWO babies! Since then, a replica has been used.

She'll take a long maternity leave

Not gonna argue this one! Typically, Royal Moms will take about a 6 month leave. Dads get leave too!

She'll have to take a photo on the steps of the hospital post-birth

According to the Royal commentator, Richard Fitzwilliams, 

"The photos on the hospital steps of St. Mary's are a way of connecting with the public at large at a happy time"

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