Tennessee is Home to a Mac & Cheese Bar

If you ask anyone what their favorite food is, there's a pretty good chance that Mac n' Cheese is in their top five. If its not, they're either lying to you or they're just flat out wrong.

As a Mac n' Cheese fan, I've been super jealous of all the mac n' cheese bars I've seen popping up across America, but lucky for me TENNESSEE HAS ONE! 

The Grind Mac and Cheese Burger Bar opened in Martin, Tennessee in 2017 and let me just tell you, it looks UH-MAZING.

The Grind has a pretty unique menu too. They don't just have your usual Kraft mac n' cheese. No, no, no...its gourmet! Picture above is their Lobster Mac and Cheese. I don't even like lobster and I wanna eat that...The best has to be the chicken mac alfredo. I mean, come on! That sounds delicious!

They're also home to the "Luther Burger", which is a burger and toppings between glazed donuts! To me that sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen, but I guess if that's your thing, go for it.

But it doesn't stop with mac and cheese and burgers. They have THE MOST BEAUTIFUL milkshakes I have EVER seen!

All I can say is DAMN. That is the best looking thing I've ever seen and I wanna eat it all.

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