Gorgeous Tiara Stolen From the Royal Family

The Portland Tiara was made in 1902 for Winifred, Duchess of Portland. The crown was worn to the coronation of King Edward VII. 

Up until recently, the crown was held in an armored, glass case at the Welbeck Estate in Worsop, Nottinghamshire, England. 

On Tuesday, November 20th, a group of thieves walked into the gallery with freakin' POWER TOOLS. Not sure how no one noticed that, but okay...The thieves broke into the case and ran off with the crown.

The break-in set off a security alarm that signaled the police, but security just barely missed catching them! The group sped off in an Audi which was later found about half an hour away and completely burnt. 

Soooo not really sure where they are in the investigation, but hopefully they can find it cause it could be worth millions!

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