Nickelodeon Releases Real Life Reptar Bars from Rugrats

After last year, I thought the 90s nostalgia trend would be headed out the window, but apparently I was wrong. I've honestly never been so happy to be wrong...I'm OBSESSED with the 90s!

Well, it looks like Nickelodeon is taking full advantage of the trend by releasing another Reptar Bar! This time, the bar will turn your tongue blue!

The "Reptar on Ice" bars, which are filled with blue frosting, are available exclusively at FYE stores. The candy is currently available in packs of five for $19.99, which is a pretty small price to pay for such a nostalgic treat!

The Reptar on Ice bars aren't the only Rugrats-themed candy available at FYE stores. You can also pick up a "Reptar Bar Deluxe", which is basically a chocolate bunny, but modeled after our favorite dinosaur. 

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