Cheesecake Factory Delivers FREE Cheesecake To Your Door This Week Only

The Cheesecake Factory is easily one of my favorite restaurants. I mean, a whole restaurant dedicated to cheesecake?? How can you go wrong with that!

The restaurant clearly knows how to celebrate, cause they're celebrating their 40th birthday in the best way possible - with FREE CHEESECAKE! And the best part? You don't even have to leave your house! 

At first I was like "okay, they're gonna give away like 100 slices". NOPE! They're giving out FORTY. THOUSAND. SLICES. FOR. FREE. and they're partnering with DoorDash to make it all happen. In the spirit of giving, DoorDash is waiving their delivery fees, service fees, AND order minimum to bring you your free piece of deliciousness. 

The deal will start on Wednesday, December 5th at 2:30 eastern (or 1:30 for us central folks). All you gotta do is open the DoorDash app, select your favorite cheesecake, and use the promo code "FREESLICE" to get yours! 

So what's the catch? You just have to make sure your slice is less than $8.95 and that's it. No more catches! 

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