Cini Minis Return to Burger King

When Burger King removed the cinnamon-swrily Cini-Minis from their menu, people got pretty darn angry. So angry that they create a petition that received over 2,000 signatures! 

Luckily, Burger King wasn't about to disappoint us 'cause they're bringing them back! Cini-Minis are officially BACK ON THE MENU (for a limited time)!

What's the downside? The cinnamon rolls are only available via the Grubhub app. But is that really such a bad thing? I get cinnamon rolls and I don't have to leave the house? Sounds pretty dang good to me! 

All you have to do is add enough burgers and fries to your order to reach $10, and then BAM you can add 4 Cini Minis to your order FOR FREE. You better act fast though 'cause the promotion is only available til the end of the year.

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