Sam's Club Unicorn Holiday Cakes Feed 66 People

I'm honestly not sure where this unicorn trend came from, but I'm not complaining cause they're cute AF...especially when they come in cake form!

Sam's Club has been offering unicorn cakes for some time now, but the release of their holiday unicorn cakes has me very excited! In celebration of the holiday season, the retailer has launched two new cakes!

The first, which is available through December 24th, features a red and green color scheme complete with a green horn and Santa's belt. If Christmas isn't really your thing, you can still celebrate the season with their winter-themed cake. The winter cake, which is available through the end of January 2019, features a blue color scheme complete with tons of snowflakes! 

The cakes can be ordered in two different sizes - two or three tiered - and come in both vanilla and chocolate flavors. The larger cake will cost you about $70 but it feeds SIXTY SIX PEOPLE

So ummm...this will be me.

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