Tumblr Will Ban Adult Content By End of 2018

Following a child pornography incident, Tumblr removed their app from the Apple App Store. However, their policy changes haven't stopped there. They've also announced that beginning December 17th, it will permanently ban adult content.  

The social media platform will ban any media that features sex acts, female-presenting nipples, and human genitalia. However, the ban will exclude political protests that include nudity and what are considered classical statues.  It also appears that art which featuring nudity, breastfeeding, and after-birth photos are still okay. The only media that will not be banned is text, so smut is okay apparently.

Beginning December 17th, explicit posts will be flagged and later deleted by an algorithm. Users will have a chance to appeal the decision if they feel it was done in error. 

Twitter, as always, had a lot to say about the news. Many users think that the ban will drastically reduce the number of users on the social media platform.

Source: The Verge

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