Burger King is Selling Whoppers for One Cent at "McDonalds"

In an effort to revamp their mobile app, Burger King is getting savage AF and going right for McDonald's! The King has launched its "Whopper Detour" promotion, which will let you purchase their famous burger for only one cent. ONE. CENT. The promotion, which runs until December 12th, has one tiny catch though. In order to unlock the one cent burgers, you have to be in the vicinity of a McDonald's. 

Weird, right? 

So how exactly does this work? Well, BK has geofenced McDonald's locations all over the U-S-of-A, so if you open the Burger King app while you're near the golden arches, you'll automatically unlock the one-cent deal! Once you place the order, you'll be "detoured" away from Mickey D's and straight to your closest Burger King!

But use this promotion wisely 'cause you can only use it once!

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