Theme Park Dedicated to Cheese is Now Open

Guys...I have groundbreaking news for you. There is an entire theme park dedicated to one of the world's greatest gifts - CHEESE!

The Imsil Cheese Theme Park, located in South Korea, was designed to look like Appenzell, a Swiss village, that spans 32 acres and is famous for its cheese production.

The theme park, where visitors can learn all about cheese and even make their own, open up in 2004. The best part? You can even get married there! 

Cheese wasn't introduced into the Korean diet until 1958 when a Belgian missionary moved to Imsil and raised goats to make his own cheese. The theme park was built at the exact same location where the missionary first created cheese in South Korea!

The park features a children's play area, animal park, and a making and eating of mozzarella exhibit! Every single building in the park is designed to look like a block of cheese!

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