Delta to Ban Emotional Support Animals on Some Flights

Over the last few years, emotional support animals have become increasingly popular on flights. As someone who's recently developed a serious fear of flying (stupid turbulence), I totally get it! If I could pet a dog during my flight, I'd feel so much calmer. However, support animals have become rather controversial lately and Delta seems to be taking sides. 

Beginning December 18th, the airline is banning the use of emotional support animals on flights longer than eight hours. In a press release by Delta, they stated that if you had purchased your flight tickets prior to December 18th and requested to bring a support animal along, you are still allowed to bring the animal as planned, so long as you fly before February 1st. 

The ban is part of stricter rules set forth by the airline. Additionally, Delta has banned emotional support animals younger than four months old. The ban on young pets is due to the fact that cats and dogs cannot be vaccinated for rabies until they are two and three months old respectively. The goal of Delta's age restriction is to ensure that the animals aren't spreading rabies to passengers.

Source: HelloGiggles

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