High School Offers "Adulting Day" to Learn Everyday Life Skills

I learned a lot in high school, but here's a few things I DIDN'T learn - how to change a tire, how to do my taxes, what the he** a mortgage is, and pretty much every other "adulting" skill so I'm struggling through life pretty much 24/7. 

Luckily for the kids at Bullitt Central High School in Shepherdsville, KY, they're actually going to start learning real life skills, so they'll be better off than I am! Students in the 2019 graduating class will now spend a day learning about taxes, cooking, and more during "Adulting Day".

After seeing posts from parents on Facebook calling for schools to offer classes on cooking and how to do taxes, Christy Hardin had the idea of creating "Adulting Day". Hardin is the Director of the school's Family Resource & Youth Services Center. 

Members of the local community provided lessons for students that covered "the difference between homesickness and depression", "how to use credit cards", "how to interact with officers during traffic stops", and more!

Personally, I LOVE this!! I remember being in high school and wishing that my school would offer classes like this 'cause I knew I'd be lost AF as soon as I entered the "real world". A bunch of the schools in my area had Home Economics, but that just taught you how to sew and maybe cook some mac n' cheese...not things that I'd really need to know on a daily basis. Plus, the class was an elective so it wasn't like we HAD to learn it. Who knows, maybe someday "Adulting Class" will be a thing in all schools!

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