Instagrammer Charges $500 for "Master Class" That's Being Called a Scam

A couple months ago, Aggie Lal, an Instagram Influencer better known as @travel_inhershoes, began offering a 12-week long "master class". The class, which cost $497 PER PERSON, was designed to teach it's students how to grow their Instagram followers. 

Over time, 380 people signed up for the class, which earned Aggie over $188,000! Since enrolling in the class, students are claiming that they've been scammed.

The class was scheduled to run for 12 weeks, with students receiving new video content materials each week. However, users have claimed that they only received 6 weeks worth of materials. Lal blames the lack of videos on issues with her health and WiFi connections, but people weren't buying it considering she had made several Instagram posts during that time. 

In a post for Medium, a user claims that Lal set "challenges" for the students such as asking them to advertise the class on their personal social media accounts. In response to these claims, Lal says that she is offering a full refund for anyone that was disappointed in the class.

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