Nashville Restaurant Serves 24k Gold Chicken Wings

Guys...I don't think I've ever seen something so beautiful. The Ainsworth, a Nashville-based restaurant has started selling 24-karat gold CHICKEN WINGS! No, this is not a joke and they're as pretty as they sound! The wings are a collaboration with Jonathan Cheban, aka @foodgod on Instagram, aka BFF of Kim Kardashian. 

The wings, which are covered in gold dust are brined (whatever the heck that means) for 24 hours and then cooked in the greatest sounding sauce on the planet - a coconut butter honey chipotle sauce!

To be honest, I expected these to be CRAZY expensive, but they're actually not THAT bad. You can get a basket of 10 wings for only $45, or, if you're feeling extra fancy, you can get 50 wings with a bottle of champagne for $1,000 (okay, yeah, that one is expensive). 

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