Costco is Selling Massive Mac & Cheese Buckets

I'm sure that there are some people in this world that don't like mac and cheese. If you're one of those people, this blog is not for you...and you should probably get better taste in food.

Recently, it was announced that Costco would start selling giant buckets of Nutella, but they didn't stop there. Now they're unveiling a TWENTY SEVEN POUND bucket of mac and cheese! I'm not sure if I'd ever be in a situation where I need 27 pounds of cheesy noodles, but its good to know that its available should I ever need it.

The bucket is filled with 180 individually packaged pouches of mac and cheese with, get this, a TWENTY YEAR shelf life. So you pretty much never have to worry about whether or not its expired cause lets be honest, you're going to eat it all in waaaayyy less than 20 years! Due to the crazy long shelf life, its actually considered "emergency provisions", aka its emergency food for when aliens inevitably take over the planet. 

With a price tag of $89.99, it sounds pretty expensive, but if you think about it...that's only $.50 PER serving. Good luck finding Kraft Mac n' Cheese for that cheap!

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