Nashville Restaurant Lets You Be Your Own Bartender

I've always thought that being a bartender would be fun, but then I start thinking about how I'd have to make small talk with people and actually be a friendly human being and I immediately realize my mistake in thinking it'd be "fun". Being my OWN bartender, though? Now THAT would be fun! And that's exactly what PizzaRev Taproom offers!

PizzaRev, located on West End Ave. in Nashville, is a build-you-own pizza shop that also allows you to pour your own beer!

The restaurant features a craft beer and wine wall where you can pour as much or as little as you'd like! All you do is walk up to the beer (or wine) tap you'd like to try, scan the RFID wristband provided by the restaurant, and pour! The system will keep track of how much you've poured so you know how much you owe!

This is PERFECT for people like me that can't make a damn decision to save their life. I LOVE trying new beers, but I can never commit to an entire pint, so knowing that I can just try a little bit at a time really relieves a lot of stress. 

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