Chuck Norris is Hosting a Chuck Norris-Themed 5k

Yep, you read that correctly...THE Chuck Norris is hosting a Chuck Norris-themed 5k - the CForce Chuck Norris 5k! The race, which will take place in College Station, TX, is scheduled fro May 4th. 

This isn't your normal, every day 5k though. During the race, they're attempting to set a world record for the "most people dressed as Chuck Norris at one time".  

Everyone is encouraged to create their own costume and wear it to the event, where awards will be awarded to best male, female, and kid's costumes.

Oh, and did I mention that by registering for the race, you'll automatically receive a Chuck style t-shirt (whatever that means), a fake beard, and a freakin' belt buckle!!

AND...there's a VIP option where you can eat breakfast WITH CHUCK NORRIS!

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