Britney Spears to Appear in New Horror Movie

Its been almost 17 years since Britney appeared on the big screen for the first time in the coming-of-age film, Crossroads.To be honest, that makes me feel REALLY old.

But it looks like Britney will be returning to the big screen in the upcoming horror movie, Corporate Animals . Unfortunately for Britney fans, she won't have the starring role in the film this time - just a cameo.

According to the film's director, Patrick Brice, Calum Worthy ( Austin & Ally ) plays a Britney superfan. In one particular scene, he goes crazy and thinks that Britney is speaking to him through the walls, which pretty much confirms that Brit will play herself.

The film, which also stars Demi Morre and Ed Helms, will premiere at Sundance this week. As of now, there's no word on when it will be released for the rest of us to see.

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