Chocolate Company Will Pay You to Travel Across Country in "Chocotruck"

If you could have ANY job in the world, what would it be? Traveling around the country in a chocolate truck and eating chocolate, right? Well, it turns out that's ACTUALLY A JOB YOU COULD HAVE! But you have to act pretty quick - you have to apply by February 12th.

Tony's Chocolonely is looking for a captain and co-captain to tour across the country in a "Chocotruck", starting at the South by Southwest Festival. The entire "tour" will consist of ten major cities including Chicago, San Diego, Phoenix, and Seattle.

As a "captain" or "co-captain", your job would be to educate people about chocolate the inequalities that exist in the industry, including child labor on cocoa farms.

The "captain" or driver, is responsible for driving on the trip as well as managing the two co-pilots, logistics, photography, activations, and providing the company with daily recaps of the trip. Co-pilots will set up events, help with chocolate tastings, answer questions, and sell chocolates. So honestly, "co-pilot" sounds like the better end of the deal.

The position will last 3-4 months and the "captain" role could extend into a PERMANENT role.Here's the requirements: you must be 21+, have a bachelor's degree, a minimum 3 years of touring or event prouction experience, authorized to work in the U.S., pass a background check, have a valid license and clean driving history, lift 40 pounds on a daily basis, drive large vehicles, and ahve strong verbal and written communication skills.

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