Harry Potter Beer Festivals are Real...And Not That Far Away

If you've been to Harry Potter World, you may have gotten to try Butterbeer, but if there's one thing I know about the wizarding world, it that they like to drink! Okay, I don't KNOW that, but I'd like to think so 'cause that makes these Harry Potter Beer Festivals seem even cooler than they actually are!

The festival, which will travel all across America, is produced by Rock Star Beer Festivals . Sound familiar? That could be because they've previously created a Charlie and the Chocolate Brews Cruise!

The first Harry Potter themed beer festival was this past weekend in Portland, Oregon, but it will continue across the states and visit other cities such as Denver, Seattle, Phoenix, Indianapolis, and Louisville! And need I remind you that Louisville is only a couple hours from here?!

The festival will feature its own DIagon Alley, Snape Ciders, and music from the Slytherin Sisters and you guessed it...DJ Dumbledore! Oh, and you'll get UNLIMITED samples of winter, pumpkin, and holiday beers.

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