Jonas Brothers Post Teaser

So here I am...minding my own dang business on Facebook...just scrolling away and then I saw it. Something that gave me hope for the first time since October 29, 2013. Also known as the day my life crumbled. Also known as the day that the Jonas Brothers broke my heart and announced their breakup.

Today, at 8pm, the Jonas Brothers made their first post on Facebook since 2016. What's the post? JUST A BLACK FRICKIN' SCREEN!

Now, if I know anything about bands teasing their fans (and I think I do)...this means something.


So what could it be? New music? New tour? Just playing with our emotions?

According to "Music News & Rumors" on Twitter, the band will be releasing a new single titled "Sucker" under their new name "JONAS". When, you ask? FRIDAY!!!!!! AKA SOON!

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