Sonic Employees Leave Savage Note on Door After Quitting

An anonymous source tells the Post that several Ohio Sonic Drive-Ins abruptly changed ownership. That did NOT go over well and resulted in the ENTIRE staff walking out of the Circleville, Lancaster, and Grove City, Ohio stores. But the employees didn't quit quietly. They made sure the public knew WHY they all left.

At the Circleville store, employees left a strongly worded note on the door for their customers.

WARNING: Letter contains foul language.

They weren't the only employees to leave a note. According to the Scioto Post, The Lancaster staff also hung signs that said "Goodbye" and "Thank you next", a reference to Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next". In addition to the signs, they also printed out an email that had been sent to the former owners in which they were called "the most trashiest company we've ever seen".

People on Twitter quickly jumped to defend the former employees by sharing their own experiences with the company.

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