Cruise Line Offers Free Trips for Teachers

We all know that teachers are underpaid and deserve SO MUCH MORE appreciation that they get. I mean, you're sending your kids to school for 8 hours (is it 8? idk...I haven't been in school for a while) a day and teachers are basically raising them during those 8 hours.

With Teacher Appreciation Week coming up (May 6-10), Norwegian Cruise Line is doing their part to reward all our incredible teachers! From now until April 12th, you can nominate a teacher that has impacted your life (or even nominate yourself) to win a FREE trip on the Norwegian Joy. Once a teacher has been nominated, the public can vote on whoever they want.

At the end of the voting period, 15 teachers will be chosen as finalists and will receive a 7-day trip inclusive of airfare and accommodations for two to an awards ceremony. But that's not it...during the ceremony, the teachers will have the opportunity to win $15k for their school!

To learn more about the contest and to nominate a teacher, click here.

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