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Pet Friendly Places in Nashville for National Puppy Day

Ladies and gents, today is a good day. Today is National Puppy Day! And with the weather FINALLY starting to get nice, its time to let your pup out of the house! Overall, I'd say Nashville is pretty pet-friendly. Pretty much any place with a patio allows dogs, but I figured I'd make y'all a list of my faves!

Sand Bar

I figured I'd go ahead and start with my favorite! Sand Bar is located off Charlotte and its cute as heck! Not only are they dog friendly, but they have beach volleyball courts and drinks that will make you feel like you're spending your day at the ocean.

Tailgate Brewery

There's a ton of really great breweries in Nashville that allow you to bring your furry friends, but the Tailgate Brewery in West Nashville is basically a dog's paradise because there's so much space to run around! The barn and field out back are absolutely gorgeous too!

M.L. Rose - West

Let's first just talk about how great their food is, can we? YUM! M.L. Rose actually has TWO patios, which makes it extra dog friendly. Every time I've gone, I've been surrounded by dogs which is pretty much heaven.

Fat Bottom Brewing

If you thought there would only be one brewery on this list, you CLEARLY don't know me. Beer and dogs are just about the only things I need to be happy. Fat Bottom has a HUGE outdoor area for your pup to roam around and they have yappy hours all the time!

Cafe Fontanella

This place is just absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Its located right off Whites Creek Pike and they have a massive patio for your dinner dates with your dog. The best part? The scenery is absolutely beautiful out here so you can take your dog on a nice walk right after dinner!

So why did I write this blog about dog friendly places when I don't even have a dog? Well, my friend at the Nashville Humane Association have launched a Doggie Date and Rovernight program where you can take a dog for a day. And of course, I'M DOING IT! I have two cats at home and I'd hate to disrupt their day by bringing another 4-legged creature by the house, so I'll be going on adventures all around town with a little pup from NHA!

For more info on the Doggie Date and Rovernight programs, click here! And I'll be sure to keep y'all updated on my experience.

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