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Nashville Humane Association Offers Doggie Dates

Its not a secret that I'm OBSESSED with dogs. Unfortunately, my schedule doesn't allow me to have one of my own, so I visit the Nashville Humane Association (NHA) a LOT to get my puppy fix.

Recently, NHA started two amazing programs for people looking to adopt (or just play with dogs cause they can't have one of their own) - doggie dates and "rovernights". Over the weekend, I got to participate in the doggie dates and let me tell was the best weekend EVER.

I picked up Jimmy, a collie/lab mix, and we spent the day exploring Nashville! Our first stop was a trip to Centennial Park.

Next stop? Lunch at Slider House where he got to meet a bunch of adorable kids and even some other pups! But let's be honest...he only cared about the food and the sunbathing!

Jimmy LOVES car rides, so we drove around for a while, but he was a bit tuckered out...


The doggie date program lets you spend a day with a pup! Dogs can be checked out as early as 10am and will need to be returned no later than 4pm the same day. After completing an orientation, NHA will provide you with a list of dog-friendly places around town. You can take the dog pretty much anywhere around town as long as its within Davidson County and he/she stays on a leash. Taking the dog out for the day gets them familiar with people and a taste of what their life will be like outside of the shelter. NHA will also give you an "adopt me" vest for the dog and who knows, maybe you'll meet their new mom or dad while you're out and about!

For more information on doggie dates and to sign up for yours, click here.


The rovernight program is very similar to doggie dates but ends in a sleepover! After a long day of exploring and playing, your dog is sure to be exhausted, so why not take them home for a night of cuddles? NHA will provide you with some dog food for the night, but no other supplies will be provided. Heads up - you must live in Davidson County in order to participate in this program.

For more info on rovernights and to sign up, click here.

So whether you just need some puppy time or you're looking to adopt, these programs are incredible. Oh! And I'm happy to report that Jimmy was ADOPTED!

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