Dunkin' Releases Peep Flavored Coffee & Donuts

Big things are coming to Dunkin'. Big things that are sure to make some people LOVE Dunkin' and other people hate it cause marshmallow peeps are quite possibly the most polarizing food on Earth. You either HATE them or you're obsessed with them. There's literally no in between!

On Monday, April 1st, Dunkin' will release its Easter-themed donuts and drinks, which include a Peeps donut and...wait for it...a Peeps marshmallow-flavored coffee.

If you ask me, this is a big step up from last year's spring donuts. I mean, yeah, they were cute...but did they have Peeps on 'em? NOPE.

According to a press release, the Peep donut will feature white icing and a blend of green and egg shaped sprinkles. But the best and cutest part is the mini yellow Peeps chick that will sit atop the donut!

But here's where things get kinda crazy. They're also releasing Peeps flavored coffee so you can add the sugary, marshmallow flavor to your hot or iced coffee or even espresso drink!

To celebrate the release of the Peeps line, Dunkin' will be surprising customer with free coffee and donuts from a "custom-sculpted coffee car" April 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Aaaannnnd then things get weirder. They'll also be sending out a "Peepsmobile" (yep, you read that right) that will visit six different Dunkin' locations.

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